The flokati carpet was part of a typical establishment of the 70th, which comes into fashion again. But in our case it’s not about the carpet, it’s about the 27-year-old DJ, who is born nearby Schweinfurt.

Since a long time he deals intensely with electronic music and since the beginning of 2010 he started the project “Flauschig Records”. The success of this project and Flokati’s solo career went hand in hand. His sets are combinations between different House styles. In April 2014 he released his first remix in collaboration with Curd Weiss on his label Flauschig Records followed by a Flokati remix on Pete Kaltenburgs Don’t Let in December 2014.

Since 2015 Flokati is available as dj or live act.

played with:
Monika Kruse, Andhim, Karotte, Sascha Braemer, Skinnerbox, Schlepp Geist, Marco Resmann, Daniel Bortz, Julietta, Luna City Express, Matthias Tanzmann, H.O.S.H, Adriatique, Till von Sein, Re.You, Rampa, Thomas Schumacher, Magit Cacoon, Ruede Hagelstein, The Cheapers, Butch, ANA, David Jach & Beatamines, Alle Farben, Rene Bourgeois, Gunnar Stiller, Marc Miroir, Matthias Meyer, Dirty Doering, Hanne & Lore, …


- Flauschig Records w/ Karotte
- Flauschig Records w/ KlangKuenstler
- 6 Jahre Flauschig Records w/ Keinemusik
- Flauschig Records w/ Empro, Agent, Erman Erim, Flokati & Curd Weiss, Thomas Koob, Hover
- Flauschig Records w/ Oliver Huntemann, Curd Weiss *live, Flokati

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Deep-House, House, UK


Flauschig Records